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Four horse riders of the apocalypse known as Death, Famine, Pestalince, and War. also a really kick ass metallica song except the horsemen in the song are: war, death, time, and famine
the four horsemen will bring the world to its knees and all will perish
by Dreaded Pepper February 11, 2011

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pronounced (ge-ou-ere) meaning it means get out of here
ge-ou-ere wich fatty
by Dreaded Pepper October 29, 2010

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The typical gay stereotype of a gay guy who only acts but just wants attention
Gay Guy: O.M.G. i like your shoes lololol

Girl: uhhh thanks

Guy: shut up you fag

Gay Guy: you just hate gays

Guy: No your just a fucking prick who wants attention
by Dreaded Pepper November 30, 2010

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