If you don't have a Gay Cousin I'm sorry to say it but you probably are the gay cousin
You:"Everybody got a gay cousin"
Me:"Bitch I dont got a gay cousin"
(Awkward silence)
Me: "Oh I am the gay cousin:
by October 13, 2020
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An offensive term used against the LGBT+ community
Ayo! Don’t use “Gay Cousin” it’s offensive.
by applesaucepenguin March 11, 2021
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That One Gay Cousin is well, your gay cousin. If you don't have one, chances are, YOU ARE that one gay cousin!
Person 1: Who is your one gay cousin?
Person 2: I don't have a gay- oh shi- I guess I'm the gay cousin...
Person 1: Congrats! I always knew you were that one gay cousin!
by IHateNamingThings.org April 6, 2019
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