Gaven is a sexy man with gorgeous eyes and wild hair. Shy when it comes to girls but the best boyfriend a girl could have. Gets emotional after a breakup and puts emotions first in a lot of situations.

A gold medal in kissing, Gaven try's to be his best while in a realationship and is kind to his fellow peers. A great runner who has the stupidity to run until about to pass out. Very defensive when negative things are said about his girl. Will stick up for people who are in the lower ranks of popularity if being treated badly and makes sure everyone has a freind.
Samantha - " Oh my god, have you seen that new guy at school?"

Sarah - " Yeah his name is Gaven isn't he so nice, I wish he was my boyfriend ."
by Dhdhhahxjvjdjsv November 04, 2017
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A hot guy with badass, skating, biking, holding, n kissing talents who has spiky hair, wears Vans commonly, wears Levis pants, wears fake earrings (gagesmostly), has creative past hairstyles, has a hecka smooth style, has a firm butt, who can be badass without being a punkass, who's amazing, n to sum it up- the best you'll ever get.
Brianna: Daaang, look at that guy, he's hella hawt!
Efrain: That's a Gaven!
by 51OhMarie July 06, 2010
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Hes badass,never a pussy to do anything,knows how to treat a girl right,hella hot/sexy😚💦,trustworthy,hilarious without a doubt,sweet,and the best you can get.
Bella:hes soo sweet, i miss him sm
Marie:hes a gaven.
by Luv_u_foreverrrrr21 June 26, 2017
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Gaven is tall, smart, has crazy hair, and loves to make fun of people. He’s a really nice guy but can get REALLY nervous when talking to a girl he likes. He’s super funny but sometimes his jokes flop and make him look like a dumbass. He likes to have plenty of alone time, but when he’s got a crowd he’s usually the center of attention. Although he likes making fun of people it’s almost always in good fun, and it’s really easy to make fun of him back. Gaven’s are very techy and are good with their hands. When it comes to relationships they are few and far between, but when he has one he treats his woman like a queen. Gaven’s are awesome people to be around and love to spend time with his friends.
Person 1: Did that guy just tell me I look like a chubby Matthew McConaughey?

Person 2: Yeah that’s Gaven. Don’t worry, it just means he likes you.
by October 29, 2020
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Gaven(Gæ-v-ėn) The word to describe someone so sad and pathetic, when you are at a loss for words at how sad and pathetic they are.
"You threw away your life for a career in liberal arts? You...You are a Gaven!"
by Deelara April 09, 2020
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he will lie about thing and cheat he is manipulator he doesn't care how you feel and he will hurt you he hates people and he will make fun of you and call you the n word and he will say hurtful things and he will make you fee wanted than mess it up for you he will make you happy then break you dont trust a gaven they will just cause you probems.
Gaven: Hey cunt
Person1: What did i do
Gaven: your a cheating hoe
by His nerd September 23, 2019
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