gator aids is a drink that gaige made last year very good for you. you can get it by having sex and sex is very very good for you
gator aids good drink. dink it
by gaige forrest March 07, 2017
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term used in the matairie and kenner areas of New Orleans for weed. One bottle of gatoraid means one gram of weed, one jug of gatoraid means an ounce
Andrew: Hey Nick, can you bring some gatoraid to my house tomorow. I am very dehydrated

Nick: Mkay, i have three bottles too drink. Just dont let TOP find out cause he likes poweraid better.

Andrew: Yeah, TOP will drink it all for himself.
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A humorous blog usually about gaming, robotics, etc. which is run by a very cool man, Dracophile.

Can also refer to the blog's mature forum growing in popularity where user's discuss the blog, gaming, general chat, or they write articles of their own.

Abbreviated as GA.
Fuck this pussy ass forum about penguins, lets go to GatorAIDS!
by Buttersss June 25, 2011
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When magic Johnson shares his Gatorade bottle with you during the big game
Magic J: Hey buddo have some Gatorade to help that thirst
Player: Thanks man "Takes a sip"
Magic J: HA HA HA, You have been Bamboozled, Now have a daily dose of AIDS
Morgan Freeman: And Michael had to live forever with Gator-AIDS
by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 17, 2017
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