An event where two Florida men in disagreement engage in a fight where no punches are thrown. It is reduced to grappling and biting.
Any Florida politician who doesn’t agree to a gator brawl is a pussy.
by Fl0ridam@n May 5, 2022
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Gutter Gator: A female cum receptacle that inhabits parties of the Fingal, ON wilderness drinking obsessively and most likely partaking in the consumption of illicit drugs. While fornicating with complete strangers in a culvert on unknown grounds is a common trait amongst Gutter Gators, they often travel short distances in order to fulfill their soul-sucking desire. Sometimes traveling as far away as Parkhill, ON or even Dashwood,ON . Keep your head on a swivel, these creative creatures can become sly in the most crucial of moments, an even more elusive when responsibility comes into play.
" You hear that?" "Hear what?" "sounds like a gutter gator... I see it!!! It's watching from the edge of the woods!"
by slickw3 December 9, 2016
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Certified retailer of 4 wheel tractor trailers but with an associated cult of fanatic members. Members are alumni of SUNY Westbrook University and call themselves "Sloaners". Sloan Gators was founded in 1979.
Sloan Gators is more than a company its a lifestyle. -Buddha
Sloan Gators is 300 bang bang -Chief Keef
by Leather man liebo August 23, 2021
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a little swampy, a little rotten, not bad but not great. The addition of an IUD is known to enhance the The Gator Cootch
Damn, Becky had such a gator cootch, it was all swampy. 9/10 would bang again.
by binkley22 November 6, 2017
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When you ejaculate in her mouth so much she has to unhinge her jaw.
by Mikey Droppelman October 1, 2017
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The act of pulling an alligator out of the water wile displaying more than usual butt crack.
Gator Butt: Just like "plumbers butt" where someone comes to fix something in your house & you end up seeing butt crack as you walk through a room
by Tape Up August 31, 2011
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