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When magic Johnson shares his Gatorade bottle with you during the big game
Magic J: Hey buddo have some Gatorade to help that thirst
Player: Thanks man "Takes a sip"
Magic J: HA HA HA, You have been Bamboozled, Now have a daily dose of AIDS
Morgan Freeman: And Michael had to live forever with Gator-AIDS
by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 16, 2017

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When you have a deep sensation in seeing children ages 1-9 bend over in front of you or they lick their lips after having some ice cream, after seeing this you would have suddenly plunged into their tiny tight assholes and make them really cry for mommy
Kevin spacey: Wow that five year old is looking really thicccc
Cop: Excuse me sir you have to leave the premises
Kevin spacey: Sorry i'm diagnosed with phedoreaction
Cop: Sir keep ur filfthy hands of me kidos
Kevin; "Grabs a thiccc 5 year old and shoves him in a bag"
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by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 17, 2017

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This defines all the vegetables and autistic people in your family or your grandpas Vietnam celebration/pity party which for no reason he asked you to join. Translates into "Niggas with Autism"
Grandpa: Hey you little faggit get over here
grandson: Yea ?
Grandpa: Explain to me why you only have one leg
grandson: I was born that way you asshole
Grandpa: Oh yeah? You're just another NWA, go kill yourself you cripple
by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 16, 2017

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When you want to recreate the night when bill cosby dropped some sleeping cabobers in that white girls drink and porked her ass like a dead dog
Man: Yo my Girlfriend is a freak
Man 2: For real?
Man: Yea she wanted me to Skeepbobbity her
Man 2: Wow i can zip zoppity to that buddy
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by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 16, 2017

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A form of aids transmitted through putting AID infested blood on ones Spaghetti
Girl: Last night was perfect, the Spaghetti was amazing! What sauce was that?
Guy: It was my blood, sorry madam, you have Spaghetti Aids "Flies out window"
Girl: Welp i donee goofed up badly mistaken
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by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 15, 2017

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To act or over exaggerate when a jew angers you
Hitler: Mien life is da greatest
Jew: You're a great chef so what?
Jew: Wow very hitleristic
by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 14, 2017

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A popular store that supplies in your daily need of AIDS and anything AID worthy including:

-Your grandpas dentures
-a gallon of african kid blood
-a used tooth brush
-a crack needle with a significant amount of blood
-a camel nut
-a dead goldfish
-A gallon of bleach
And a tumor from a cancer patient
Man: Dude i have AIDS
Man 2:Well lets go get you some stuff from Rite-AIDS
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by Mr.werbenjagermanjensen jr November 16, 2017

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