A portal between two places or pieces of electronic equipment. Has unfortunately been the name of a computer company who made excellent computers until the Pentiums were launched.
A gateway is used to link a unix terminal to an iSeries box.
by Kyle December 24, 2003
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A fat cow of a woman, derived from the cow-patterned boxes that the Gateway company uses. Usually a harpy of a thing, that tries to ruin a man's life and seperate him from his friends, hobbies and money.
No, man. I can't hang out, Gateway's comin' over.
by booger January 3, 2005
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Piece of crap computer company. Don't buy from them unless you want to have to call in and talk to hindu people who speak english but don't understand it.
Bob to Joe - "Hey joe, i bought a gateway today"
Joe to Bob - "cool, how is it?"
Bob to Joe - "oh it works pretty good except for the fact that it broke."
Joe to Bob - "Yea you should have gotten a dell"
by Oz January 1, 2005
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See Somerfield.

Chain of UK supermarkets, changed name sometime around 1990.
That's some cheap shit vino they got in Gateways at the moment.
by Ti September 5, 2004
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Cow. A reference to the gateway computer box design.
Q: You don't think she's hot?

A: Dude, she's a gateway.
by Joe June 16, 2006
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An Asian man who dates outside of his race and often converts women into being attracted to Asians. For example, a Gateway Asian will often hear “you’re the first Asian guy I’ve ever been with.”

This is typically a male because Asian men generally don’t have a lot of attention from non-Asian women.
“Notice how Vince tends to attract chicks who have never dated an Asian before? How’d he breakthrough?”

“Dude, I thought you knew. He’s a freaking Gateway Asian. If they don’t work out, her next boyfriend will probably be Asian too.”
by GatewayExpert June 27, 2023
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the act of one woman engaging in sexual intercourse with two males at the same time, the two guys start out facing each other with the girl in between them and facing one leans forward as one man enters from behind while she gives the other a blowjob. a fist bump between the men must occur while in this position in order to create the arch.
1st gentleman; Hey man she's down for the threesome, let's Eiffel Tower.

2nd gentleman; Dude, show some class.... let's gateway arch!
by sternoinferno February 12, 2013
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