When someone is an asshole enough to tell you that you don't have enough qualities to like what you want to like or be what you want to be, solely based on their opinions and experiences, even if they don't know as much about what said person aspires to like / be.
Person 1: I really like (insert band/artist here)
Person 2: Ok name every song, even the unreleased ones, how many words are in each song, and recite them word for word.
Person 1: um..
Person Two: FAKE FAN. You don't like them.

If you didn't pick up on this, Person 2 is a Gatekeeper
by Ikindofhatemyself December 30, 2021
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1) One who devalues other’s opinions on something by claiming they’re not entitled to the opinion because they’re not qualified, the rightful decision-maker, a part of a particular group, etc.
2) One who denies parental rights by limiting the parent’s interactions or decisions with their own child.
Maria told Jeff he wasn’t allowed to be in Spanish Club because he wasnt a native speaker.

The mother was a gatekeeper when she told her ex husband he was not allowed to take their child to Disney World because she didn’t want him driving that far with her child. “I am the mother and I make the decisions. You are not taking my child that far away from me,” she exclaimed.
by Scrodom July 7, 2018
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The Gatekeeper is the person who upon receiving a bowl or a blunt within the circle, begins inhaling off the hit in the chamber that is left from the previous smoker. The Gatekeeper is not a frowned upon or derogatory term.
Steve is the type of Gatekeeper smoker.

I had to be Gatekeeper, I had no lighter on me.
by Mr. 303 June 17, 2011
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A queer person, often but not necessarily a gay cis man, who attempts to exclude other groups from the general umbrella of queerness.
"I don't see why the miscellaneous queers get to march with us now"
"Because this is a celebration of solidarity with fellow queers, not your private gatekeeper's party"

"They reckon if you don't publicly transition, you're not one of us. They're a total gatekeeper."

"and then she called herself some kind of queer identity thing I have never heard of. I don't mean to be a gatekeeper but I honestly wasn't believing it was a real thing until she explained it."
by Notamycologist December 24, 2019
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The sexual act where one partner acts as the 'gatekeeper' clenching his or her anus in an attempt to prevent the other partner from penetrating the anus forcefully with his member or a phallic sexual aid (dildo).
Man... Bob and I were playing gatekeeper last night and he was able to siege my stronghold in moments.
by JacobianSmith May 20, 2012
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The Gatekeeper is a Teambang participant who usually occupies the mouth and throat of the female attendee until it is time for the Tube Greaser to step in or for said Gatekeeper to become the Tube Greaser.
I was in a Teambang the other day as a Gatekeeper, but I lost my cool and became a Tube Greaser.
by Daddy Destroyer June 21, 2019
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When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.
"I love punk bands like Green Day!"
"Ugh, they're not even punk. They totally sold out."

"Oh man, I love Harry Potter. I am such a geek!"
"Hardly. Talk to me when you're into theoretical physics."

"Erika Moen is my favorite queer cartoonist."
"She's not queer, she married a man!"
"Quit your gatekeeping. No one died and made you Queen of the Gays!"
by sarahalyse March 3, 2012
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