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1) One who devalues other’s opinions on something by claiming they’re not entitled to the opinion because they’re not qualified, the rightful decision-maker, a part of a particular group, etc.
2) One who denies parental rights by limiting the parent’s interactions or decisions with their own child.
Maria told Jeff he wasn’t allowed to be in Spanish Club because he wasnt a native speaker.

The mother was a gatekeeper when she told her ex husband he was not allowed to take their child to Disney World because she didn’t want him driving that far with her child. “I am the mother and I make the decisions. You are not taking my child that far away from me,” she exclaimed.
by Scrodom July 07, 2018
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In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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Someone who has the mindset that 'if you're not a fan/part of this (famous figure, a trend), you absolutely cannot join. Someone who always make things more complicated, always adds a controversy or an issue to a certain trend.

These gatekeepers are often found in the Philippines, making memes out of trends.
"Hey, avatar is now available on Facebook! Should we try it?"

"Yes, we should. But we need to take caregatekeepers are on their way to make a meme out of this trend."
by r4isins 4 breakf4st September 05, 2020
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Gatekeepers stand between you and your chosen path. Or at least they think they do.

Im careers, music, brands, relationships, bigger companies.
Don't let the gatekeepers stop or control you from your path of success .

Bowser I'm Super Mario is a Gatekeeper him self.
by Strongl1fe April 27, 2017
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In fighting sports, a gatekeeper is a fighter with an established record of toughness, but is not in title contention. Young prospects must fight gatekeepers to prove their mettle and worthiness to proceed into a higher level of competition and become title contenders.
Biff fought a gatekeeper in his latest bout and put on a good performance.
by B@lth@z@r June 17, 2017
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Female appendages that forestall, deter, or prevent procreative sex.

Gatekeepers work to prevent conception
horny? you'll encounter Gatekeepers before you can orgasm

Gatekeepers are contraceptive

I wanted in her pussy but when I insisted on getting past her ultimate Gatekeepers... I discovered anal sex is a THOUSAND times more fucking awesome

As long as the position you fuck her in has her ass BELOW her pussy, anal sex is contraceptive (and not abortifacient like pussy on birth control), so her Gatekeepers are more likely to allow it.

She likes penis but (of course size does matter) she is not ready to conceive a child with you.

Some of her Gatekeepers perform double duty: left hand, right hand.

Appease her Gatekeepers and masturbate to your homemade sex video you made with her

The better your refractory period the more you will encounter Gatekeepers

Her Gatekeepers don't care how often you use porn: she prefers you use porn instead of using her.

If her Gatekeepers won't let you in her ass dump her.

When she refuses making a fucking video dump that Gatekeeper.
by bluntlier July 08, 2012
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