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Is a french male who thinks he's smooth with the ladies but is really just Awkward. He sees beauty in common things. Is a fairytale romantic. Does not care about the world around him if you are upset. Will also look you in the eyes while hugging you saying he's sorry. Loves intensely. Is a provider and protector of the woman he loves. Is not a jealous guy. Will carry you on his back if you are to drunk to walk. He is trust worthy and loves an adventure. Also likes to wear the pants in the relationship because he's French.
Gaspard is the type of man I want to meet in Paris on vacation durring spring time. . Fairy Tail Romantic
by shelbycola October 12, 2017
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Gaspard is perfect; sexy, hot and, charming. He is romantic and caring for the person he loves. He will sometimes not be aware about what he says but don’t worry, he actually cares about you. He is the perfect guy for you!
Random person: I need someone who actually cares about me not some random jerk!

Me: Get a Gaspard you will see he really is perfect!

Random person: You are tru thank you so much!
by RandomGirl999 July 19, 2019
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When a situation or person is to your immense dislike, or not satisfactory in some way it is gaspard.
Anna, you have destroyed my life and made it not worth living you stupid gaspard.
The weather outside is gaspard, but the fire is ungaspard.
There is nothing in the cupboard for my tea, and all my flatmates eat is smash and toast, Oh Gaspard!!!
by Joshgoody November 17, 2006
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A lying hypocrit that can't get any thing, and uses a blow up doll.
by M1A2 April 09, 2003
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