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Gas Ass is a terrible condition in which a person is constantly letting out extremely stinky farts. Another name for this is "Chronic Flatulence" but "Gas Ass" is easier to remember and it's more modern. After a period of time of having Gas Ass, the butt will smell like stinky poop for the next 24 hours. Gas Ass is so bad that the farts stink up the entire room and it smells so bad that everyone else in the room has to leave while moaning, coughing, wheezing, etc. and putting their noses in their shirts and their eyes close. Usually they will be cursing, screaming, etc. When one has Gas Ass, you can literally see a cloud of brown hover around their butt. Gas Ass is a condition that no one should have and should be treated as soon as it's discovered.
Situation 1:

Calvin was sitting in class one day when he started to absolutely rip ass and loud and horrible-smelling as humanly possible.

Michael: Dude, Calvin has the worst case of Gas Ass ever!
Dude: I know!

Situation 2:

Calvin has Gas Ass later that night and is absolutely ripping ass at the dinner table.

The Dad: Calvin, that smells f*cking terrible, what is your sh*t?


The mom then passes out while the sister and the dad evacuate the room while Calvin has a big smile on his face.
by TheGasAssMaster November 28, 2012
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The act of inserting a gas pump into your anal cavity and proceeding to pump gas.
I wouldn't pledge Chad's frat, I heard he likes getting gas ass
by Graet August 04, 2018
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