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a reason for nerds to act like rockstars .
blavin clavin e got to play me rockstar vitia game . horay guitar hero
by GM123 January 17, 2009
A random undercard bum that fights in the UFC that literally no one has a fucking clue who he is or has seen one of his matches. He was most likely paid 14 dollars and a small Italian grinder by Dana to do the UFC press conference and somehow tried to disrespect the greatest fighter in the sport Conor McGregor during it. McGregor famously replying with "Who the fuck is that guy" completely destroying Jeremy Stephens in one sentence.
Reporter- "Conor, Who do you think would give you the toughest fight out of everyone on this stage"

Jeremy Stephens - "I would, I am the hardest hitting 145 pounder, right here. When I knock people out, they don't fucking move"

Conor McGregor- "Who the fuck is that guy?...... Who the fuck is that?" (Crowd erupts in laughter)

R.I.P Jeremy Stephens Career. 2016-2016
by GM123 January 12, 2017
A inside joke questioning what one would so for an Klondike Bar ice cream product. Sometimes used as a sexual double entendre or Euphemism of some sort. Implying that a Klondike Bar is so good that someone would be willing to do sexual favors to obtain one. What would you do for a Klondike bar is pretty much questioning if someone would go down on you or have sex with you for one. Often used by Men on their girlfriends as a sexual advancement or for a funny laugh at college frat parties.
Ashley- Hey Babe, Can I have a Klondike Bar?
Mike- What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Ashley- I dunno, what do I need to do ;)?
Mike- Would you give head for a Klondike Bar?
Ashley- Yeah :D
Mike- Well I got 2 Klondike bars, Will you do Anal for 2?
Ashley- Make it 3 babe ;)

College frat party joking version

Brad- Yo bruh I got Klondike bars
Steve- What did you do to get em ahhaahahaha
Brad- I went down on your aunt.
Steve- Not cool man, she passed away
Brad- I know, that was the gross part.
by GM123 January 10, 2016
Their is always that one kid in your class that would eat Erasers for the fuck of it. An Eraser eater is basically a class clown side show comedian. They usually are popular in Kindergarten up until 4th or 5th grade. They take dares from their "Audience" and other kids dare them to eat stuff. They tend to outgrow doing stupid shit for attention once they get plagued with dignity and the thoughts of trying to actually get a girl. But not always. Sometimes Eraser Eaters stay eating Erasers up until college. Just for shits and giggles.
Devin- Dare me to eat this Eraser?
Sarah and Aj- Yes!!!, oh my gosh, no way. ewwww
Devin- its a big huge art eraser too. lol
Lucas- That's no big deal, eat my snot, let me pick it first.
Devin- Psst, that's nothing. Let me eat that big green snot rocket.

Lucas- Eww, he actually did it.

Brian- That's nothing, eat my shit
Devin- ok, shit in your hand and pass it under the desk
Brian- damn, he actually ate my poop
Devin- I eat anything, you people are no challenge
Teacher- Devin!!! Stop being an Eraser Eater
by GM123 July 20, 2016
When a girl bites your dick or scrapes your shaft with her teeth during oral sex. Typically drawing blood or ruining the entire Bj in the process. A girl that has tendencies of treating your dick like a Oscar Meyer selects premium angus beef hotdog and snapping into it with her sharp fangs. Essentially like shoving your cock in a sharks mouth.
Derek - Yo, Stacy is so fucking hot dude, you lucky bastard.
Rick- Nah, you don't even know man. She gives shark head.

Derek- What do you mean?
Rick- Last time she gave me a blowjob, she chewed on my head like a fucking dog toy. It's like getting blown by a shark.

Derek- Damn, shes a real Louis suarez huh?
Rick- Yeah
by GM123 January 12, 2017
when a male remove his dick from his pants and gets in the posistion to strike someone usually in the face with it . this is used as a sexual domination tactic or a form of athuority .
mike - (remove dick and cracks cindy in head with it )
cindy - damn i just got cock smacked

mike - fuck yeah you did
by GM123 January 23, 2012
When a penis is small but extremely thick with a lot of girth causing the head to look like a corn muffin. Giant and as wide around as a coke can but short and stumpy like a muffin too.

2 inch cock, 10 inch head. A lady killer....... literally. :)
Mike- "Hey babe, wanna see a corn muffin cock?"
Sarah- "What the hell is that?"
Mike- *Whips out cock
Sarah- "Oh my god, that dick head is so big that a bear couldn't even blow it. "
Mike- "Yup, you need both hands for this Corn Muffin Cock"

Lou- That thing isn't even 3 inches long dude. She rather get with my normal 7 inch snake like penis istead of that stumpy mushroom cloud looking disaster

Sarah- " Incorrect, i prefer girth. I want to stretch my walls"

Lou- "WHATEVER!!!!"
by GM123 April 21, 2017