From the Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. Garmy is Garman's Army. A group dedicated to Jack Daniels, Hollywood Doom Predictions, snarkiness and the constant fight against talentless cuntiness.
Ralph: Hollywood Doom Prediction! Tyler Perry is going to star in the reboots of the Morgan Freeman roles in the Alex Cross adapted novels like Along Came a Spider...maybe someone misread it and thought they'd need a Cross- dresser...


Kevin Smith: Tyler Perry has done what I've done. He's got his audience.

Audience: Booooooo!
by fuckyeahsmodcast May 19, 2011
Someone who always stands for what’s right. Him/her will always be kindhearted.
Damn look at Garmy being really nice
by Sarah the great February 25, 2018
An army set to march against the talentless cunt Chelsea Handler. The Garmy is created and run by Ralph Garman.
Stop the talentless cunt, join the Garmy now!
by RedAtrocitus June 10, 2011
A person who wears a intense amount of garms , and fashion is very cool.
Person1: what are you wearing today?

Person 2: stone island hoodie, champion top and my flared jeans

Person1: oh my you’re garmy!
by garmygal111 October 14, 2018
A subject known for being a gaming super-start. Generally its is sexy, confident and get scared easily. Also known as Garmo.
- El Garmo hasn't upload the last chapter of Resident Evil 7. He clearly a chicken.
- Garmy has a second channel that he surely enjoys a lot more than uploading lol gameplays.
by dolancl July 27, 2018
This Bulgarian phase is being used when someone makes an epic move in real life or in-game.
Player-1: I killed all of them!
Player-2: garmi pishoka
by fish-pog July 25, 2021
The most amazingly sexy and irresistable man to ever have walked the earth. Many have tried and brilliantly failed to be as smooth with women as him. A bit dirty, but just enough to get you excited, not enough to gross you out. Perfect for toe-curling sex, dream or real. That boy can do wonders with his tongue... Everyone wants a piece of that, everyone. Sometimes sarcastic, but it keeps you guessing and makes things much more fun.
Woman 1: You will never guess what kind of sex I just had!!!

Woman 2: What?

Woman 1: Ory!!!

Woman 2: I freaking hate you!

Man 1: Dude, I just heard about an Ory!

Man 2: Crap, we'll never have a chance now!

sexy beast, god, wild crazy sex, omg, sarcastic
#sexy beast#god#wild crazy sex#omg#sarcastic
Girl 1 screams ORY!!!

Ory Garmy is the definition peak of human evolution
by Top 10 most hasom August 15, 2018