A person who does have a obsession of Dragon Ball Z but every one likes anime at some point so it's fine.

This person is also a great friend who has a good sense of humor. He will lose his temper but will always come back and admit to being wrong.

He cannot die so his goodwill will live with us forever.
He was such a Garm that people didn't understand
by GarmIsALoser November 22, 2018
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‘Garms’ comes from the word garment, to mean clothes. It is common in the roadman slang
- ''I like your fresh garms fam"
by i am the smartest around December 14, 2022
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Into to much Dragon ball and dies each time and comes back each time.
Don't be a garm! He to likes to much ice cream!
by Sammy2002baby November 22, 2018
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A British slang phrase originating from the South East meaning 'cool clothes'. Also the name of a London-based streetwear store.
"Mate those are some wavey garms! Is that jacket new?"
by ltltltn April 11, 2016
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Damet garm means to have "warm breath" or be alive. Mehdi Akhavan Sales (OMID) used this expression in poetry, specifically in "Zemestan," when he said "damet garm o saret khosh bad." It is good for your dam (breath) to be garm (warm) because it means that you are alive. It is used as an expression of gratitude.
Hey samad agha Damet garm for doing that
by Samad Agha February 26, 2009
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