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To be beaten in a race with a large gap between opponents
Lamont just gaptized Christians z06!
by Inkrediblekeke January 17, 2018
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When you have taken on a race against a thought-to-be lesser opponent, and said opponent proceeds to acquire large amounts of distance from you, thus knocking you down a few pegs.
When a civic si revs at your dodge charger at a red light and you proceed to walk by his much lighter vehicle with your heavy 4 door racecar.

"He was all talk until he got gaptized."
by Dick_Madskill May 02, 2019
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It's when your car is so fast that it puts a train gap between you and the other car.
My Porsche 911 turbo S just gaptized your GTR, M5, ZL1, A5... whatever garbage you are driving by a train distance.
by 911 Turbo May 24, 2017
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