When a Girls' legs do not come close to meeting at the top
That Girl has got legs like rugby posts.....definitely gap on!!
by Scott Mcmaster V November 29, 2003
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To lose really badly in a race, usually as it applies in motorcycle and car racing. Someone who has been gapped has lost a race so badly that he or she should strongly consider finding a new hobby.

Beating someone by half a car length is not a "gap." You must beat someone by an absolutely humiliating distance, like two or more bus lengths.
Joe thought he could take on Greg's corvette, but he got gapped and everyone saw.
by 187um October 18, 2016
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New Zealand Slang for 'leaving suddenly', or 'going for the gap'
Rangi - Bro, I went to meet this chick from Tinder, but she was a minga!
Wiremu - What did you do bro?
Rangi - I gapped it hard
by churbro May 2, 2018
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What happens when you try to race a Honda Civic with a laptop riding shotgun
Damn! You’re gonna get Gapped
by Puxplz July 1, 2021
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Ridding bikes through random gaps anywhere in a large city. Many drink Go Ape Energy while gapping.
Aaron: Hey, do you want to go gapping after school?
Alex: Dude thats sweet,i will go buy some Go Ape
by grillzchad February 22, 2011
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The word gap it originated from the suburban ghetto of mascot which means to leave the seen of a crime or place.
homie 1: man we're going to get caught!

homie 2: you're right lets gap it geeh!!
by puzle one April 25, 2008
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The space between the thighs on a female body, just below the crotch. A gap is indicative of a slim figure and is very sexy.
Steve: "Wow! Check out the gap on that chick!"
Darryl: "Hot stuff. I'm going to go get her number."
by Hayz February 16, 2004
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