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1)To subject the public record of an individual to close and unremitting internet scrutiny to uncover unethical or illegal behavior.
2)When cyberspace reporters scoop mainstream media.

SusanG initiated in the kossospherean investigation of the public record of a White House-credentialed reporter and found that "Jeff Gannon" was "James D. Guckert", a treasonous fake reporter who helped expose an undercover CIA agent while getting White House press credentials with a fake name to lob softballs at Bush and McClellan, registered website names dealing with gay prostitution while writing stories advancing the Right's anti-gay agenda, and when he cowardly quit, purged all his stories from the sites in which they lived.
He claimed to be a reporter, but was quickly gannonized and found to be a fraud.
Wolf Blitzer was left stammering becaused he had been gannonized.
by Daily Kos Reader February 10, 2005
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A person who was influenced by Ganondorf, the main antagonist of the legend of zelda series. The person is acting, talking, and dressed like ganondorf.
Dude, you're gannonized.
I was gannoized yesterday after playing zelda
by gaycheeks November 27, 2011
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