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1. Verb. To recieve by means of physical force or threats of bodily harm, not stealing however since the victim technically gives the item away, see D-Boed
-originated in the midwest, particularly in the predominantely caucasian suburbs of NW Indiana, after some teens were driving to Lake Michigan's beaches and got lost in the urban ghetto known as Gary, In. and had such act occur to them by a gangster and could not think of a better word to describe a gangster doing what he does best other than "he gangstered our food and money".
2.Verb. To fabricate a solution to a problem by unorthodox methods with no regards to appearance or efficiency, see also nigger rigging.
1.I think Ro just gangstered another one of my hats. I didn't want to give it to her, but she has it. How the hell did this just happen.
2.I was watching CNN, and these cubans gangstered their car into a speed boat. It looked like a cadillac, but it might have just been a bonnevile.
by Luis V October 02, 2005
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