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A forum that has a thing about mocking what they do not understand, like the PS2. They also steal quite a few topics and that from Gamesradar.

Also obsessed with daytime-MTV2 music, the kind that excites people while depressing even more. They won't allow anything else.
Guy 1 - Wanna check out Gamufi?
Guy 2 - No, that forum is so last year.
Me - I concur.
Guy 1 - But they've been slagging off things that they know nothing about!
Guy 2 - AGAIN?!
Me - *sigh* Some things never change.
Guy 1 - And they're glorifying crap as well.
Me - How original.
by SkintightFinger December 11, 2006
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A lame forum that is jealous of other forums/sites that are far better than them.
They result to slagging off other forums just because they are shite.
I feel like a dick, lets check out gamufi
by not needed. April 16, 2005
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1. A very dirty vagina, coming from the two words gammy and muff

2. The orifice a homosexual would use to insert is love length in.

3. A Popular Internet Forum, the name coming from the first letters "Games, Music and Film" put into one word.
1. She had such a Gamufi she was attracting cats.

2. He stuck his pork sword into his Gamufi

3. > all. I want to have bumsex with Gamufi.
by Gavin Felcher February 22, 2005
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The king of internet forums, offering 110% more cheek! for all your camp needs!
"Gamufi is so fucking good, it actually hurts my bollocks!"
by Dr. John Smith March 04, 2005
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