A once good site but now it's just made of ass.

The creater of Gametalk, Mike Pooler, began to "update" Gametalk during the summer. Little did anyone know that it was gone for good. It's been about 8 months now since he began the update and yet all we see is "final adjustments in progress." As if it's ever going to be back up.

There was a forum where I met alot of cool people. It was nice keeping in touch with them, but there is a part of me that wishes Gametalk was still available.

No matter how much ass Gametalk is, I will admit that I would like it back up.
dark_phantom157: i'm gonna call you DoT
destroyer of toast: i'm going to call you phanny. :D

*history is made on Gametalk*
by Phanneyz December 21, 2008
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WAS a cool forum site with focus on videogames but also with its share of interesting general topics. The thing is, you would almost always meet people there who had an interesting, mature character and opinions. The server crashed in late 2008, the site replaced with constant promises of updates and revival. As of May 28, 2009 the domain is dead.
I really, really wish Gametalk made it back somehow...
by Mr.Dark May 28, 2009
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Despite the name, it's a place where internet chatters come to talk about more than just games. Life, music, games, depression etc. can all be found on the site. Many would argue that the site is dead. Indeed, most of the forums are desolate, but there are a handful of other forums that constantly have posts up and replies in minutes.

Lately, Gametalk has been having problems with posting messages and comments. Whether it's due to a lack of care for the site, or a computer error, it takes away from the site. Spammers and trolls are other problems of the site.

Mods have been a big aspect of Gametalk. Some think they are doing their job, but the consequences of uncaring mods have shown, such as a spam filled forum or trolls being able to talk freely without punishment.

All in all, Gametalk has seen its ups and downs. Most regulars are loyal to the site, and that's what has been keeping it going.
Ricky - I need a site where I can find depression, music, Final Fantasy XII, Pokemon Emerald, Spirituality, books, movies, and Grand Theft Auto forums. Where should I look?

Jedediah - Go to Gametalk. You'll find that and more.

Ricky - Yay.
by Ben10101010 January 3, 2008
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A website where only noobs go to talk about video games. There is nothing to do there exept reply & then wait 3 days after for someone to reply back. 70% of Gametalk are just dead forums after the games become unpopular. The dead forums are then populated by noobs who do nothing but spam & no mods will get off thier asses to stop the problem for people who still go on the forums. The website isn't even about the games anymore. there are mostly forums like music,teevee, and pointless(just to name a few).

The people at gametalk live for moderators. Either the mods are real power hungry or people practically beg to become a moderator. Gametalk is no longer about video games, it's more about who's going to be the next mod. Most of the moderators are just ex-spammers anyway. The only way to be a mod on Gametalk is if you spam & get away with it(which is VERY easy).
Here's an example of a chat on Gametalk:

Person: "How do I find the sword?"

(1 week later....)

another person: "In the castle"
by flclimax1 August 30, 2007
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Gametalk is a website that used to be up and running. Perverts, child molesters, and cyber sex ran rampant along with trolls, 6 year olds, and foul mouth back stabbing teens. Finally Mike Pooler, the one who made this hell, condemned the site and pretends to be fixing it. However does fixing a website really take a year?
The Vampire Corban: Gametalk rules!

Talen: Ah shit!
by Neo Talen May 12, 2009
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