She was def born on May 28th she’s so hottt
by hahabestie October 24, 2019
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On May 28th it’s national kiss or hug or give each other a hickey day
Bob : it’s May 28th bring dat ass over here girl

*the girl and bob gave each other a hickey
by queennagabeshrgjshegeeh May 26, 2019
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A historic day of grief celebrated across America to commemorate the long lost hero, Harambe the gorilla. On May 28, Harambe was shot and killed.
May the terrors of May 28 never repeat themselves again.
by TheSwimmingToast August 20, 2016
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A day when a bad bitch is born. And she cute as fuck like damnnnn
Bokisha is born on May 28 SHE A BAD BITCH.
by Iiiaioaooaiaoa October 29, 2019
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Hug your crush day

Show them how much you love and and appreciate them. You never know if they love you back! ❤️
You: *hugs crush*
Them: what was that for?
You: it’s May 28!
Them: what’s that?
You: Hug your crush day!
Them: oh. *hugs back*
by Rabbitcarrotok November 10, 2019
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in may 28 alec benjamin was born, he is sooooo talented go follow him or i'll burn you
by a b0red pers0n May 28, 2020
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