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Despite the name, it's a place where internet chatters come to talk about more than just games. Life, music, games, depression etc. can all be found on the site. Many would argue that the site is dead. Indeed, most of the forums are desolate, but there are a handful of other forums that constantly have posts up and replies in minutes.

Lately, Gametalk has been having problems with posting messages and comments. Whether it's due to a lack of care for the site, or a computer error, it takes away from the site. Spammers and trolls are other problems of the site.

Mods have been a big aspect of Gametalk. Some think they are doing their job, but the consequences of uncaring mods have shown, such as a spam filled forum or trolls being able to talk freely without punishment.

All in all, Gametalk has seen its ups and downs. Most regulars are loyal to the site, and that's what has been keeping it going.
Ricky - I need a site where I can find depression, music, Final Fantasy XII, Pokemon Emerald, Spirituality, books, movies, and Grand Theft Auto forums. Where should I look?

Jedediah - Go to Gametalk. You'll find that and more.

Ricky - Yay.
by Ben10101010 January 03, 2008
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