The second born demon in the game obey me! Shall we date. Also the best demon

Really cares for mc lowkey a tsundere
Omg out of all the seven boys mammon is the best
by x_christabel_x February 23, 2020
1. a demon
2. A hot sexy demon man from Obey Me shall we date
1. bet you don't know the demon mammon
2. Mammon is best boy
by Sangwoo's ass checks January 18, 2021
Mammon is a tsundere, he is kind of weak but he really tries very hard. I like his weak points and his determination, I like every part of him. He is very cute and mature in his own way but he never fails to amuse me. He loves anime and likes to sleep. He always shows his support to every person he loves. Mammon is one of the greatest people I've come to know, I hope he's always doing well and always happy.
Mammon is also my home.

-Cinnamon 2021
by -Cinnamon June 8, 2021
Obey Me!'s Avatar of Getting Bullied By Everyone (except for maybe some Mammon simps). He is the 2nd oldest of the seven clown brothers. He's a massive tsundere, a dumbass, and as most people say, “a money grubbing scumbag who does anything for money” which is almost true :D. He’s one of the few brothers who don’t try to kill you so that’s good I guess. He’s the first demon you make a pact with which he tends to bring up all the time saying “I WAS (your name)’S FIRST!” which is kinda suggestive but we all know he’s not innocent since it’s implied a lot that he wants to fuck you -_-.
by Kat The Mattress May 10, 2022
The scummy second born in the hit otome game Obey Me!

Best boy, loves head pats, loves money, overall 10/10. Tsundere, but also openly admits his feelings.
Note: hot demon guy, scumbag
1. Mammon stans are green flags.
2. Self proclaimed big-shot Mammon has recently revealed he is actually a big-failure.
by dantitlion November 21, 2021