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An erection that is ordered, mandated and/or required during the time when a couple is trying get pregnant. This is most often needed when a couple is having sex purely for the purpose of getting pregnant, whether they are in the mood for sex or not.
Husband: "My wife just texted me that I need to get home and bang her."
Friend: "What? Your wife texts you for sex?"
Husband: "Nope. She's ovulating. Gotta go put on my game dick."
by Zotts May 07, 2015
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Someone who plays video games almost daily.

Lost in online video game world.
A person who seams, argues, cuss, and at times may throw game controller during online gaming
Someone who is addicted to video games such as PS3 and Xbox360
GameDick: Omg are you serious!? Dude I shot him and didn't get a hit marker and he shoots at me one time and I'm dead!! This is some bullshit!
GameDicks Friend: its just a game
GameDick: No fuck that corner camping son of a bitch!
by Batch January 10, 2013
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