Visionary; someone who looks beyond conventional methods; conceives new strategies; works to transform their industry; NDG
by Jordansmommy77 November 2, 2016
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When someone says something so stupid that you can't believe they just said it.
Georgia's governor Brian Kemp said he just found out that coronavirus is asymptomatic.... that's a game changer.
by Casper70 April 3, 2020
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Someone that tells you that you have to fight for something, then when you do, they have you locked up.
by Solid Mantis January 15, 2021
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The one that always moves the goalposts to their own game to keep people from finding a rhythm. If you figured out the difference between what really happened and what a history book tells you happened, the game changer would change history. If you discovered the meaning of life, the game changer would change it to something else just to keep you arguing with his/her argumentative natured self.
It is the game of a game changer, it always has been.
by The Original Agahnim December 16, 2021
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A guy who plays 22 different video games in a weekend in his mothers basement is changing games a lot.
That fatass is a real game changer, he's been playing video games for 9 days in a row now.
by Solid Mantis June 23, 2018
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n. 1. (in romance) A person who - by personality, attitude and/or influence - is a true stand-out amongst the norm of dating and relationships. They are generally unaffected by what would be considered superficial charm (money, appearance, social status, etc.) and are more attracted to someone's deeper qualities, hence they would "change a player's game." Such persons are considered relationship and even marriage material.

v. 1. (in sports) A sudden action - usually the result of a successful plan - that changes the entire course of a game or match.
Emma Stone's character in "Crazy, Stupid Love," whom Ryan Gosling's character considered a Game Changer.
Belldandy from the anime "Ah! My Goddess"
Lisa Leveridge as described in "The Game" by Neil Strauss

Every Michael Jordan moment in the NBA play-offs
Marshawn Lynch's run against the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 NFC Wild Card game
Jon Jones' successful counter-punch on Lyoto Machida
by Davis The Untamed October 31, 2012
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The one interest of whom a Player most desires, and always shall desire into the foreseeable future. The interest is good enough for a Player to give up his 'game' and change their situation dramatically - in the hope this new adaption will be ideal for the new interest.
See Emma over there - She's my Game Changer.

I'd give it all up for her....
by buster4145 July 30, 2011
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