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A bullshit term used by supposed feminists (read: misandrists) to dismiss any logical and/or factual explanation by a man simply because they have issues with men.
Woman: "Men are more privileged than women in almost all areas of life."
Man: "That's not true. We're mostly alone and treated with contempt, nobody cares about our problems, and if we're useless for any reason, we're left to die."
Woman: "Please. Save me your mansplain of how you have it worse than us."
Man: ".... what?"
by Davis The Untamed July 19, 2020
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1. The act of reporting false information in an attempt to mislead.
2. Trying to make a bad idea sound much better than it actually is.
1. Blaming violence on video games, movies, and music is just Passing Shit For Sugar.

2. "Do you really think buying a house in a swampy area is okay, or are you just passing shit for sugar?"
by Davis The Untamed August 19, 2019
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noun. 1. A pejorative term used to describe someone who glorifies a public figure or group (usually an athlete or sports team) to the point of being obnoxious.
Floyd Mayweather has some of the worst nut huggers in the history of sports.

That guy is a total nut hugger for the New York Yankees.
by Davis The Untamed November 7, 2021
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n. 1. (in romance) A person who - by personality, attitude and/or influence - is a true stand-out amongst the norm of dating and relationships. They are generally unaffected by what would be considered superficial charm (money, appearance, social status, etc.) and are more attracted to someone's deeper qualities, hence they would "change a player's game." Such persons are considered relationship and even marriage material.

v. 1. (in sports) A sudden action - usually the result of a successful plan - that changes the entire course of a game or match.
Emma Stone's character in "Crazy, Stupid Love," whom Ryan Gosling's character considered a Game Changer.
Belldandy from the anime "Ah! My Goddess"
Lisa Leveridge as described in "The Game" by Neil Strauss

Every Michael Jordan moment in the NBA play-offs
Marshawn Lynch's run against the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 NFC Wild Card game
Jon Jones' successful counter-punch on Lyoto Machida
by Davis The Untamed October 31, 2012
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Vulgar way to describe teasing. See also "giving (you) a hard time," "pulling my/their leg," "bullshitting."
"Look at this guy with the plastic jacket!"
"What are you talking about? This is real leather."
"Relax bro, just giving you shit."
by Davis The Untamed May 16, 2022
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