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or "Gam Gams," alternate name for a blowjob, or a rushed, spur - of - the - moment sexual act.
Also an old, sagging German Prostitute.
"Do you gie gam gams?"

"Dude, I just banged this gam gam"
by Drewbud315 May 04, 2007
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an undefied species of pidgeon. these pidgeons seem to be retarded and fly into trees. They also have one more chromosome
''Wow look at that gam gam!''
by Big_boy69 July 02, 2013
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When you have a nice time you exclaim gamgam or if someone sends you a long text in which you don’t know how to reply you say gamgam.
by GamgamGirl July 26, 2018
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