Dominate, own or to do extremely well in something.
1) i totally galvinated at that party last night.

2) i galvinated your highscore
by gg1234 August 4, 2009
To be Galvinized, can be mistaken for the common job of varnishing a piece of metal. However, the true meaning of Galvinized can only be found in the ancient history books, translated by Monk Scholars in Tibet. To be Galvinized refers to someone getting "pwn3d" or being beaten by a mere man, who is seen as a god. A man who can harness this power, has the ability to slay countless poon and live an eternal life.
Stay down ya gronk, you've just been Galvinized

Zac: Oi Mate, ya gay
by JasonBourne7 October 22, 2012
A rare name but if you meet one you will find that he's extremely nice, but kind of a player. He's is one of the best looking guys you will ever meet. All the girls want him
you cant explain a galvin, he's too amazing
by crazyshitfuckers January 7, 2012
To attempt a lie about an obvious crime because the victim is no longer alive to dispute it.
Because the victim committed suicide, Scott was able to GALVIN his way through the interrogation, claiming he didn't molest the victim, but rather started dating him secretly when he was twelve years old.
by therynoshorn March 29, 2011
Galvin is that one tall ass dude in ms. Diaz's class. Galvin has a gavel and was born in Galveston:)
Nobody: "Galvin

Galvin: *swears In russain*
by Galvestonnnn October 31, 2019
(can also be written as galvinised). to be completely and uttely shitfaced (drunk), to the extent that you go out of your way to offend as many random people as you can. drunk to the extent to which you shout phrases such as 'get your rat out you filthy whore' to as many random girls as possible, whilst standing a maximum of 1 yard away.
Andy G: "Get your rat out you filthy whore!!!"

Elliott: Excuse my friend, he's galvinized
by dog69 May 9, 2007
Indian slang or way of saying someone is a riot.
by Johnnnnyjohnson October 25, 2012