Some word... to show that you're laughing uncontrollably? No idea.
Saoirse: fuck tht twink and daddy
by emmyandlola July 6, 2023
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One of a horse's gaits. It is the fastest gait that a horse has. It is a four beat gait and is not often used in every day riding with the exception of throughbred racing and sometimes cross country riding.
She galloped her horse up the hill.

The herd of horses passed by at a gallop.

The winning horse galloped across the wire in record time.
by Financial Sockett March 16, 2008
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in the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution, a series of steps where you have to gallop to hit them correctly, very close arrows.
"Man, Matsuri Japan is basically all gallops!"
by Andrew Mitchell December 23, 2003
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When I gallop, I don't know whether I'm hittin the flap or the pudding.
by juice puppy September 14, 2004
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to have diorreaha
jeez, i've got the gallops!
by Froger April 24, 2003
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Derived from the film 'Ong Bok' - A galloper is one who behaves in a certain unbridled manner in respect to any situation. It's obviously a reference to the stiff gait of a wild stallion clopping across the land. One who is acting outside of the realm of proper demeanor is a galloper.
Did you see what that galloper Jermaine did last night?
by Matthew Pryce July 4, 2006
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a gallop is a piece of metal which normally gets stuck up the mindge and inplaces hairs and can also be as green grilslers or beef quif.
"oh cool man i just found a gallop, dont touch it it could have been up your mums wrinkle nest"
by jojo February 28, 2005
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