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Very beautiful young lady. She is very polite and kind.
I want Saoirse to be my best friend.
by Lilee September 23, 2015
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(SEER-shuh)A great friend, a great great great friend. You should never leave her or hurt her, because she has such strong ties with others that she could get revenge easily. All the guys want her because she is Irish and she has light eyes. She is pretty and nice and can have ties with anyone from the half-nerds to the half-populars. She can get mixed up in bad things sometimes but always comes back. Finds it harder to leave someone she loves.
by Rain Star December 06, 2010
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A smoking hot girl, with a body to set guys hearts on fire. She has the best ass and stunning eyes. Her eyes sparkle and melt your heart. She is very loyal to her boyfriend and she will make you do whatever it takes to be with her. Her kisses are a ray of sunshine which will brigthen your day. Plus she has the most caring family with beautiful hearts xx
She's hot!!, she must be Saoirse
by Lovers for Life November 24, 2013
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This is the Gaelic word for "freedom". It's pronounced SEER-sha. This word is often used as a name and a term with political overtones, especially by those who believe that Northern Ireland should be part of Ireland, and not the U.K. It has growing popularity as a girl's name, usually indicating strong Irish pride.
A delightful hostel owner in Ireland who fiercely insisted that Northern Ireland should be part of Ireland named his dog Saoirse.
by Futureboy June 12, 2006
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A very quiet girl until you really get to know her. She's fun to be around when your sad. She's the type of person to try to help you as much as she can. She is the funniest girl to be with. She is smart and top of the class. When in relationships she takes it seriously. She is always there to listen when you need to complain. She's kind and sweet as long as your not on her bad side. If you ever meet a Saoirse hold on to her and treat her right. Cause it could be awhile before you meet someone like her again.
Wow, she is so smart and pretty, she must be a Saoirse ?
by Ilikepinapples January 10, 2018
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irish name for freedom- very smart and cool girl- everyone wants her to be her friend-beautiful but sometimes has her blonde moments
o i want to be just like saoirse
by hauroca January 24, 2009
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saoirse is the (irish) word for (freedom) it can also be used a girls means shes (cool) and (smart)
saoirse is cool, saoirse is a girl, saoirse means freedom
by saoirse November 10, 2004
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