(SEER-shuh)A great friend, a great great great friend. You should never leave her or hurt her, because she has such strong ties with others that she could get revenge easily. All the guys want her because she is Irish and she has light eyes. She is pretty and nice and can have ties with anyone from the half-nerds to the half-populars. She can get mixed up in bad things sometimes but always comes back. Finds it harder to leave someone she loves.
by Rain Star December 7, 2010
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Saoirse is a loving friend, who you become close with very fast. she can sometimes have her VERY bitchy moments, but she always comes around. once you get to know her, she becomes one of your best friends. she is so gorgeous and beautiful
if you have a saoirse, keep her around
by heyooooooooo14 March 27, 2019
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A beautiful girl, usually tall with dark hair. She is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. She is amazing all around and will brighten your day with a simple smile. She is super hot.
I love Saoirse
by ThomasTheGoof June 11, 2018
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A smoking hot girl, with a body to set guys hearts on fire. She has the best ass and stunning eyes. Her eyes sparkle and melt your heart. She is very loyal to her boyfriend and she will make you do whatever it takes to be with her. Her kisses are a ray of sunshine which will brigthen your day. Plus she has the most caring family with beautiful hearts xx
She's hot!!, she must be Saoirse
by Lovers for Life November 24, 2013
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Very beautiful young lady. She is very polite and kind.
I want Saoirse to be my best friend.
by Lilee August 16, 2015
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Irish Slang for a very lovely person who is almost never mean.
She is a Saoirse.
by BMAN0202002q02q August 9, 2009
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Saoirse is an Irish name. Saoirse should not be messed with. Saoirse is NOT the name for a dog. Now please enjoy the 5 commandments of Saoirse.
1. Don’t miss pronounce her name
2. Don’t spell her name wrong

3. Always buy her stuff
4. Live by her rules
5. Speak clearly or she will ignore you
Saoirse walked to the shop , in the shop a stupid man called her ( Sur-Sha ) Saoirse (Seer-Sha ) was infuriated
by Saoirse King December 13, 2017
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