Thomas : What's your biggest dream?
Me : That Evan Peters eats me out.
by queen of everything August 19, 2014
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the hottest sexiest man alive. mainly known for ahs (American Horror Story) fanbase is mainly teenage girls. i cant get over how sexy he is.
Amy: “Evan Peters is the only man I love”
Jess: “Yessss Evan Peters can slam my fingers in a waffle iron and I’d thank him.”
by annabienkowski November 13, 2020
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thicc daddy
also an actor, mainly know for his work on Ahs (american horror story)
"do you watch ahs?"
"yesss evan peters is so hot"
by leoleeo July 3, 2019
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the hottest, sexiest, cutest man to ever walk the earth. the loml. his acting 🤌. his humor 🤌. ugh, hes perfect. mainly known for his roles on ahs (american horror story).
“Do you know Evan Peters”
OF COURSE, hes so sexy
by evanpetersisbaeasf June 11, 2021
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Evan peters is the hottest man alive he is so fine and seggsy i can’t understand how people call him ugly.he appears in every season of the series of American Horror Story and he also is in many other movies/shows
Me: do you know who Evan Peters is
Random ass person:no
Me: He is the hottest and most sexyest men alive
by evanpetersandrupertgrintloml January 4, 2021
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the man that turned my lesbian ass Bi
Evan peters is the best looking man on earth and the LOML followed by Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, Zach Effron, and Tom Holland
by Kayleigh Dunne November 17, 2021
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The baddest motherfuckin actor that ever lived.
Me: Evan Peters is the shit.
by yaknowimthebaddest January 6, 2012
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