A Sophisticated Dance Party.
A Girl's name. Most Gala's are crazy chicks who live life scandalously, and smoke massive amounts of weed, travel, make art, and volunteer. stupid hippies.
Gala is smoking a blunt while going to a gala.
by So Crate Trees July 7, 2009
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1. A crazy awesome chick

2. Everyone likes her!

3. is soo prettyy

4. makes everyone laugh

5. is most def. a rebel that paints schools

6. where ever she goes fun follows

7. Is also an Apple and a Party-Ball
Cody-Man that Gala chick is sooo cool!

Gerold- I know!!! she's Hilarious
by Grace/Gerald March 10, 2010
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A party attended by only the purest of douchebags.
1 Rich Dick says to another Rich Dick," Maxwell my good man, are you going to the Gala tonight?"
by Captain_Fireball March 1, 2014
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This word often associated with party or sesh means a place to get drunk
Where's the gala at tonight Jamal?
by carleighis13 November 7, 2016
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A gala is an excuse to go to your Prom Nite that you miss 20 years ago. Recieving flowers,kissing wineing dineing
by Heidi Wexler October 28, 2003
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kinda like the word "cool" means good, amazin, beast etc.

(probably not been used since 1991)
oh that channel 5 porno wis fuckin galas!
by Brian March 6, 2003
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