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A Character from My Hero Academia who’s quirk is Electricity/Lightning and identifies as a Boy. Kaminari has yellow hair, with a black lightning bolt on the right side of his hair. Kaminari is a cute heavy metal boi who is overshadowed by that dick Bakugo.
Denki Kaminari should've been the best boy, but the toxic shippers get moist when they see Bakugo so he’s the best boy.
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by Fagimus February 26, 2021

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C’mon mane! We all know why you searched this up!

A Step Bro is a person that all straight men can respect, but don’t wish to be. The Step Bro usually is asked for help by his Step Sis, however, he does a bit more than just help.
His body is usually scrawny, due to the majority of his time going into gaming, and his lack of physical strength makes his appearance rather “unpleasant”. But oddly enough, he is packing somewhere around 6-10 inches. “Like he’s ever going to get a chick?” That statement is beyond wrong! His chick IS his Step Sis!
Dickie: CuM MeaT Ya NeW STeP SiBLinG, TrEVOr!
Trevor: uh... hi!
Helen: awww yeah! My Step Bro finally came! You look HANDSOME! *lets out a slight moan*
Trevor: *Pulls our a cross* BEGON, WENCH FROM TIMES OF YORE!
Helen: bruh.
by Fagimus February 26, 2021

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The worst musician ever. A SoundCloud rapper is usually that one light skin kid with dreads, has an annoying voice, and they comment on every post on InstaGram usually putting things like “AYO IM THE BEST UP AND COMING RAPPER CHECK ME OUT NEW SONG CALLED “bandz” CMON MANES!!!🧢❤️💙🧡❌❌🧢🤡🐋🐋🥺🌫” Their beats are mostly dogshit/Stolen and entirely unoriginal, and their lyrics give people depression.
The main rappers that blew up SoundCloud were Lil Uzi Vert, Lil peep (my favorite rapper), Chief Keef, and Lil Darkie, popularized this app, and ever since then, dumbfucks with no flow whatsoever make songs, rapping about fucking the life out of your 50 year old mom, smoking weed, getting girls, and their “Struggles”.
The worst types of SoundCloud rappers are Emo rappers (who copy Lil Peep), Trap rappers, and wannabe Edgy rappers who put Xs in their name.

Spotify rappers are about 4,568 parallel universes ahead of these dumbfucks. If you’re gonna rap or make music, put it on Spotify.
Buddy the SoundCloud Rapper: *approaches Stacy and Lilliana* AYO YOU HOES WANNA FUCK LXL FEUGO?!?? MY RAPS WILL RUIN NIGGAS CAREERS MUFUCKAS!!!
Lilliana: WTF no get the fuck away from us!
Buddy the SoundCloud Rapper: YA GOTTA LISTEN TO MY RAPS!!!

Lilliana and Stacy: fine! What’s your song called?
Buddy the SoundCloud Rapper: Yung wit bandz
Stacy and Lilliana listen to the song.
Both Stacy and Lilliana: *now have Depression, drop their backpacks and jump out the window and die*
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by Fagimus March 03, 2021

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The 35th and most recent CoD zombies map from Call of Duty: Cold War which takes place in Khe San, Vietnam. The story behind Firebase Z is that Samantha Maxis (now grown up and looking thicc) has been captured by the Russians while sneaking into their base to gain intel on what Omega group was trying to do with the Dark Aether, and was captured.

Dr. Peck (a doctor who betrayed his country) decides to send her to the Dark Aether. Requiem was sent there to rescue Samantha as the Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg involves you bringing back Samantha from the Dark Aether to bring her home. But don’t worry, you’ve got the omega group insider, Raevnov to help you in your quest!

Once escaping the Firebase and making it back to the village, you then have to fight the Elder guardian monster, Orda.

After defeating Orda, you leave with Samantha and Raevnov on a Jeep out into a nearby outpost, and then the cutscene ends.
Greg: Firebase Z dropped mom!
Greg’s mom: You’re adopted son. I’m so sorry!
Greg: The thing that matters is that you love me!
by Fagimus February 26, 2021

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A horrible feeling for ANYONE. When you try to start a conversation, and no one is interested. When you want to ask a question, and no one answers. When you send a message to a cute boy you like, and he doesn’t respond.

These are examples of being ignored. If you ignore someone, please respond to their actions. But if they’re purposely trying to hurt you, keep ignoring them.

If YOU have been ignored by someone MULTIPLE times, and you just want to talk, try again until you get a response. If the response hurts you, get away from them.
A Latino teenager getting ignored by the same girl.

Jesus: Hey!
Brianna: *ignores him*
Jesus: oh, well okay. *picks up his phone, opens Spotify, puts in his headphones and turns on “Falling Down” by Lil peep and XXXTENTACION* maybe next girl, Jesus.
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by Fagimus March 23, 2021

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A SoundCloud rapper that’s music actually sounds good, and the best song he has out now is called “Syrup” Featuring Lil Rocket Launcher, Slump AK’s best friend. Syrup was so critically acclaimed because the audio was so bad, it was fire. The microphone Slump AK and Lil Rocket Launcher sounded like an Xbox 360 starter mic, and it added to the humor of the song. The beat was so unique, with its piano tone, meme sound effects, and even Scooby-Doo laughs.
Ayo turn in Slump AK
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by Fagimus March 19, 2021

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Synonym for 9-5 job simulator for children. Gta V has a great story mode, but too bad Rockstar (the devs) don’t give a shit about their master piece, and constantly suck off their spoiled kid, GTA Online, by giving it DLCs like The Doomsday heist, Gunrunners, Finance & Felony, and at first glance, this would SEEM fine. It would be fine if Cockstar didn’t add 5,000,000 dollar flying motorcycles and 8,000,000 dollar “super” Yachts that are the equivalent of a used condom in the sea, and sold them with their new content. What makes this so bad? Well, it’s because everything is so fucking expensive to the point the game offers you 8,000,000 in game money, in exchange for 100 dollars. The player base is also full of dickfaces who play just to annoy actual players who wish to play the game in peace, tryhards who will murder everyone they see to boost up their K.D ratio via a fucking orbital strike, modders who ruin everyone else’s fun by getting them banned and flying fucking star ships, and toxic assholes who love booting two year olds offline because they looked at them the wrong way. It always seems like there’s a glitch somewhere in this game. Today there’s a blue hell glitch, and tomorrow there’s a new money glitch.

This games is pure dogshit.
Gta V
Holy shit there’s a flying motorbike shooting at me!
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by Fagimus March 18, 2021

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