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Doing Good Things

when someone is getting things done in a matter of doing it well.
1) DGT mate... that girl was all over you
2) DGT... you were blind last night and put your bed on the table tennis table and slept there
3) DGT ATT FTB (doing good things all the time for the boys)
by djbuggy October 30, 2011
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Acronym: Damn Good Time

Resulting in sweat; refers to a memorable occasion
That PYT had a DGT last night.
by testy0 May 24, 2011
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a skateboard gang formed in dothan alabama to piss off faculty members at a local school but got to serious when a bunch of pussy niggas started shit

D.G.T is also a skateboard team formed by the same group of people and is the abbreviation for Durty Greengo Team

the colors worn by D.G.T members are green and is worn by senior members and green is worn by new members
D.G.T will never die
by D.G.T for life bitches April 19, 2005
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Don't Go There.

Adjective indicating unwillingness to "go there", that is: an unwillingness to deal with life's complexities and edgies.

Opposite is GT.
She's so DGT she wouldn't even talk about it.


He's such a DGT he won't even see Thirteen.
by Ranebo February 21, 2004
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A norwegian guy called Chris with an obsession with porn, Iron Maiden, porn, Warhammer... and... uh... Porn.
1) All hail Det Gronne Trollet!
by Molotov February 29, 2004
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