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something that confuses people
1: where is the wah?
2: what?
1: where is the wah?
2: i don't know what you are talking about. where is the what?
by AGC January 20, 2004
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Gouging and Screwing Tax; invented by Brian Mulroney's 1993 Progressive Conservatives = 7%; see also Canadians, eh, Goods and Services Tax; temporary measures; bad polictal moves
1)You item costs $10 plus 7.5% provincial tax, plus 7% GST.

2)"Progressive Conservative" Party lose catastrophically, with GST the main issue. Conservative Party goes from governing party to a minority too small to be official any more: an unprecedented rejection! (from Sales Tax Suicide)
by AGC September 3, 2003
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Fehz is someone who likes to see others get themselves into sticky situation whilst he/she is just on the sidelines watching. Fehz has to be right, he/she is never wrong. Fehz is typically someone with a poor immune system and easily finds themselves bed bound just from smelling a fart.
Don’t be a fehz and just watch, get involved.

You might be right, but you’re not ‘fehz’ right.
by AGC November 23, 2021
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Originally "wakka wakka wakka" as uttered by Fozzie the Bear of Muppet fame. Fozzie wanted to be a comedian. Unfortunately, he was terrible. The threefold utterance was part of Fozzie's act. The shortened version has gained usage as an expression of delight, exultation or lust (sometimes all at the same time).
Fozzie: !Ahhhhhh! Wakka-wakka-wakka! Thank YOU, thank YOU, and thank YYYYOU!!
by AGC August 10, 2004
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