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Documentary that departs from the traditional mode of aloof observation and tries to jazz up its subject with drama.

American nature documentaries often fall into docudramatization, giving human names, feelings and motovations to animals. Michael More's films are another classic example, using emotive techniques to make his point.
I saw a trashy american docudrama on TV last night. They actualy used the line: "Tilly (a parrotfish) fearlessly attacks the hardened sea anenome, bravly ignoring the poisonous barbs searing her flesh!"
by Swamp Ig September 13, 2006
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The interuption of a sudden silence in a party type setting by some kind of off-the-wall remark.
I was at a party last night when there was a massive juxtim, all the conversations finished, and then this guy pipes up and says "Hey wouldn't it just be great if you had an erogenous zone in your nose?"
by Swamp Ig December 9, 2007
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1. Goods and Services Tax. A value added tax, added as a percentage to the cost of everything.
2. Get Shitfaced and Throw up. A party where excessive drinking is encouraged, to the point of emesis.
I hear the government introduced a GST, so I'll have to pay an extra 10% for the keg I'm buying for tonight's GST party.
by Swamp Ig June 4, 2007
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Phrase countersung by audiences at Angels concerts, to the song, and line 'Am I ever gonna see your face again?'.
The Band:
Went down to Santa Fe, where Renoir paints the walls,
described you clearly, but the sky began to fall

Am I ever gonna see your face again?

No way, get fucked, fuck off
by Swamp Ig October 13, 2006
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Similar to fucktard, this word is a portmanteau of cunt and retard. While fucktard is associated with activly acting like a fucking retard, a cuntard is more passive and just sits there acting like a retarded cunt.
You didn't take out the garbage again, you lazy cuntard.
by Swamp Ig June 20, 2005
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Somewhat archaic greeting. Was popular in England in polite society before the 50s.

The phrase is somthing of a non-sequiter - if read as written there's only half a verb, because one usualy does somthing rather than just does. The question could be construed as 'doing' your girlfriend or wife, but the intent is not to open a discussion on sexual acts, but rather to greet.
Jack: How do you do?
Jill: I am well Jack, and yourself?
by Swamp Ig December 1, 2005
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