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Gag Reflex Cute = When a couple is so mushy and in love you want to throw up.
by xXxHoLiDaYxXx June 10, 2011
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A minibike designed for inbreeds who are often found licking one eyed mens testicles. GRC is an unknown abbreviation, most probably short for Gash Round Corners.
My dad boinked my sister to earn me a GRC
by Clart February 15, 2006
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GRC: (Giant Raping Cat) a cat like creature that rapes people in a dungeon, at times it may seem unbeatable, but has a soft underbelly with an HP of 30. may also appear weak if gang banged repeatedly.
1. that wich you should run from
2.andrew's faster
3:what andrew and nick raped back for raping andrew and nick
4:what appears after you run out of turns
**A pimp with white hair, two pistols and a black trench coat and a big red halo like robot with a rifle have been spotted raping a GRC once or twice in the past**
--Also note that a GRC may possibly be connected with those damn dirty flapping penguins gaurding the gates of hell.--
Dude that friggin GRC ganked my crate!
by nick August 07, 2004
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Abbreviation for "Grogan Repeat Call"
To perform an incomplete service call requiring a second instance of service by a second party.
Sonofabitch, I've gots to go on another GRC!
by Frank March 14, 2003
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Gay romantic comedy. A romantic comedy featuring a same sex couple rather than a male and female couple.
Jesse: Kissing Jessica Stien is my favorite GRC!
Alex: Really? Mine is Get Real!
by nowayinheaven July 03, 2013
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