while away at school be sure to always keep that GPA up.


my GPA has been low, i need to get drunk.
by thejuicethejuice September 15, 2009
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Getting Pussy Average is a number used to tell the average attractiveness (1-10 scale) of the people you've hooked up with.
Mark: Man Derek's always banging the hotties.
Dave: I know he's got a 9.0 GPA, I'm stuck at a 6.5
by dkos8172 October 21, 2016
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Abbrievation for "grandpa", or "grandfather".

Grandfather (noun):

A patronly figure that you spend a lot of time with, your "grandfather" figure. Someone "cool" in an "old-person" sort of way.

Grandfather (adjective):
Something/one that is "old school".
1. "Dude, this has been so great to get icecream. You are like a/my grandpa!"
2. "This vintage clock is sooo g-pa, man, take a look!"
by Meowmixmeowmeow June 23, 2010
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Get Pussy Action

What guys say when they get pussy and what girls say when they're getting dick.

1.0 = failing all classes so you find yourself masturbating at home alone
2.0 = you are getting some action though you may have to paperbag it
3.0 = the poon you are swimming in is a 7 or above
4.0 = you're running the block, threesomes are readily available, calling the shots
Dad: My GPA is looking good tonight!
Friend: You're 50 man, what are you talking about?
Dad: My main bitch got some new panties I'm bout to check out.
Friend: Well shiet bro go tear that pussy up!
by az1@nChick June 11, 2014
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Girl/Guy point average

The average hotness of all the guys/girls you have slept with.
All the guys Sandy has slept with are very attractive, most of them are male models, she has like a 4.0 GPA

ya and Tom just slept with that ugly fat chick from that party...it seriously hurt his GPA.
by Will.C October 12, 2009
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