This is the open court of opinion where the more notoriety or popularity you gain the more judgmental accusations you will have to endure. Gain that notoriety by succeeding financially and you will become the target of "THE INCREDIBLE ACCUSATION INDUSTRY" This opinionated part of society regards themselves as having the military rank of a "GENERAL" and the wisdom of GOD. Their main objective is to attack any private industry with money. Once you enlist and go public you will be instructed who to hate and why you should hate them. This group makes up the majority and they will attack anyone and everyone who wishes to remain private. The accusation will be that you are not doing or paying what the majority perceives as your fair share. This is the opinion even if you are giving everything that you agreed to give. Meeting your obligations will never be enough because responsibility does not mean the same thing to them as it does to you. They will call you irresponsible and deny that it is a not guilty verdict.
The General Public called me irresponsible so I thanked them for setting me free of the blame. I would not wish to face the punishment for being responsible for every accusation they make. The largest occupational block in the USA was Drivers, but now it is unqualified whistleblowers who established the religious cult of the car at the federal level. Try competing with that cult financially without a Licence to drive.
by Spiritual-Master January 6, 2022
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1. A large group of people who are unable to resist the urge to follow the crowd. They must at all costs keep up with their neighbors.
2. Those people who dismiss everything they hear contrary to popular opinion as a conspiracy theory.

Everyone else in the general public pierced their penis so I did.
The general public still believes that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.
by Barry Wilson May 26, 2006
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