Stands for "Girl on the Internet Syndrome". The condition of a real life female being so used to guys giving her attention for no other reason than her gender that she becomes conceited and bitchy. She often acquires an overly inflated sense of entitlement.
Mandy needs to go outside more. She's got some serious GOTIS.
by DatVoodoo March 7, 2016
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"Game Of The Year (Edition)", basically referring to ANY game that had recieved one or more awards for being the selected game for that year.
Dude, you up for a game of UT: GOTY?

Hells yeah, much better than 2K4!
by Eccentricity February 2, 2005
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When after an otherwise amicable breakup, your ex then cuts you off completely
I tried calling Sam to let her know I found her missing record, but she changed her number. I think the gotyed me
by dminj July 15, 2012
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It derives from the bullshit section in Imraan’s brain
The woman got her wig snatched off by an angry boyfriend and he screamed “gotie” as he ran off the plug
by clowngirl February 17, 2020
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Goti to a person who is good or think it’s good it means soooooo much good
Goti to a person who is bad or think it’s bad it means soooo good
To surprise someone
It to goti fun
I am to Goti

This ride was to Goti let’s Goti again
by rickjm July 21, 2020
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Originally meaning 'Game Of The Year', but now used as a replacement for 'epic' or 'cool'. Used unironically.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally just built a car in a cave with a box of scraps!

Guy 2: GOTY.
by Die Nadel January 13, 2011
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