Grab Our Pussies. Chant of Trump supporters at rallies after the Access Hollywood tape was released.
Trump! Trump! GOP all the way!
by S Homes October 14, 2016
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This is an Afrikaans word used in South Africa. When someone has a bad case of nasal drip and the excess 'drip'/phlegm is sucked into the mouth cavity with force and then spat out. The result of this activity lying on the ground for some unsuspecting person to step in, is called 'gop'.
Watch that you don't step in the gop!
by Yolandi January 19, 2007
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The Grand Old republican Party who are Gnarling Overbearing Pettifoggers a.k.a. the gops.
Hey, if you're not careful the gops will be after you for telling the truth.

Don't trust the gops, they want to control your brain so that they can control the world.

In a world full of truths the gops are there to lie up the place.
by thinkingblue May 11, 2011
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gop definition: excitement along with confusion that ends with a somber and content feeling. It can be directly translated to "holy shit what the fuck ok".
i just axed a dude to death lmfao - silento

lmao gop - not silento
by Upstate Farms September 29, 2020
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really known as "grand old party"... however being that the politics are mostly senior citizens i consider it as "Gay Old People" or "Gay Old Person" when trying to insult someone...
Yo, President Bush should be GOP of the month!!
by Abel Luna May 19, 2008
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Abbreviation for "Gay on paper." A straight person that has all the characteristics of being gay.
I know he has a girlfriend, but he works as an interior designer and loves musicals! He's totally GOP.
by Josh April 12, 2005
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Abby, "Marissa, you're such a stupid gop. Go die."
by Lee3yumm June 20, 2007
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