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Good Open Minded Person

An attention-craving individual that -- in an issue or debate -- takes whatever side makes him or her look good & open-minded to the public, without regard to the details or the truth in the issue debated. A GOMP is different from an SJW because the issue does not have to be social.

To make a public statement on an issue without really understanding the details or the truth of the issue, just to show off to the world how good & open-minded one is.
(noun) "Justin was just being a GOMP when he tweeted his support for adopting dogs from shelters, especially since he bought his dog from a pet store."

(verb) "Fred GOMPed his support for the Invisible Children all over social media."
by Professor F. October 26, 2014
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Get on me please

Usually spoken in conjunction with "mode".Gomp is to be subtly or boldly flirtatious with body language, eye contact and any other means of verbal and non verbal communication, for the purpose of inviting approach.
She was on gomp mode, before I got on her.

Them hoes on gomp mode!
by Bootyniggas March 08, 2017
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Like the song "G.O.M.D" (get off my dick) by J Cole. G.O.M.P (get off my pussy) typically used by a female instead.

This thirsty nigga kept calling and texting me like G.O.M.P
by NobodyLove48 April 08, 2015
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(adj) used to describe something that appeals to the senses; means the same thing as LEGIT or COOL.
Dude, that idea is freaking GOMPS.
by ti84 June 29, 2009
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An acronym meaning "get off my phone" used by tech support sluts around the world.
"dude I so just hung up on that lady for being dumb.....GOMP!!!"
by Dannypants June 09, 2004
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Any mentally retarded person.
Usually the word implies the retarded person is profoundly retarded and leaking fluids such as spittle, has cake between their fingers, spaghetti sauce on their face, cocked eyes, and a VERY loud voice.
That fucking gomp crushed my kitten's head with his superhuman strength.
by Duderoo June 27, 2009
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to act like an idiot, asshole, jerk, etc. gomping equivelant to "bitching"
today at work sally was acting like a gomp so i told her to shut her face. i wish people would just stop their gomping!
by kaorusan! December 22, 2007
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