1. Short for 'Get Moar Pussy' the first and most prominent role of the BHE.

2. The act of getting as much pussy as humanly possible, no matter the situation or circumstance.

ex 1. Shit, Alex danced with like 25 biddies last night...he really knows how to GMP.

ex 2. Look at all those biddies on his lap! GMP!!!
by Chris_Breezy February 21, 2009
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GMP is an abbreviation of Grand Master Pimp, a title held by only the most elite of pimps.
Neel has control of prostitutes in over one-hundred countries, using an elaborate system of regional pimps to maintain his pimp hand. Such power is only found with a true GMP.
by micsn January 11, 2006
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Abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice. This refers to a set of guidelines used by government regulated industris such as pharmaceutical companies.
These procedures do not follow current GMP per the reference documents.
by Sir Nick of Nasty May 02, 2016
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1.An acronym meaning "Girls, Money, Pussy".
The title of a Baltimore Street gang who uses the acronym as a reference to the redundant behavior of a "G".
Only persisting of people who "Go Hard".

2.Great Mandarin Punch. An alias for GMP members.

3.Pertaining or referencing someone who "goes hard", or an act of "go hardness".
1.Bill:"Dem niggas go hard"
Tom:"They must be reppin' G.M.P.!"

2.Cop:"What's this G.M.P."
GMP Member:"Oh, that just means great mandarin punch."

3.G.M.P. Bitch!
by Mike Trajudo January 17, 2010
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