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1. Short for 'Biddie Hunter Extraordinaire'.

2. One who is extremely skilled at hunting for and attracting biddies.
ex 1. Dude, Chris is such a BHE!

ex 2. Wow, Kyle can only pull fat chicks. He's anything but a BHE.

ex 3. Biddies love Joel! He's a fucking BHE.
by Chris_Breezy February 19, 2009
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1. Short for 'Get Moar Pussy' the first and most prominent role of the BHE.

2. The act of getting as much pussy as humanly possible, no matter the situation or circumstance.

ex 1. Shit, Alex danced with like 25 biddies last night...he really knows how to GMP.

ex 2. Look at all those biddies on his lap! GMP!!!
by Chris_Breezy February 21, 2009
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