The most nicest guy you will ever meet, every guy wishes they where GINO. Ever girl wishes every guy was like GINO. Usually happy, and has great spirit. His personality is crazy.. He is HILARIOUS and will always be there for you.
Dude, I wish my guy was like GINO :/
by YOU KNOE(; April 29, 2011
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To most people, typically an Italian person, etcetera. To hard-core Godzilla fans, it's what they call the monster featured in the 1998 film.

An acronym, GINO stands for "Godzilla In Name Only"
Kaiju-Nerd: "Man, I can't believe most kids fuckin' mistake GINO for Godzilla!"
by -evan. July 20, 2009
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noun: a Governor in name only

A Governor who does not show up for important legislative sessions, who is unavailable to constituents, who does not take responsibility for decisions, who blames others for their difficulties
The lying, cheating, abusing, ignorant GINO. ...
... GINO revealed her/his true colors during the crisis in ...
BTW, has GINO come out with any words of wisdom on this subject?
by Defender of the Kingdom March 30, 2009
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(n) An acronym meaning "Godzilla in Name Only," refering to the American version of Godzilla from the movie of that name made in 1998.
Any true G-fan will tell you that GINO is a pathetic excuse for a monster.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
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the act of lying in a otherwise seen as gay pose or a pose which would be seen in an issue of victoria's secret
nishant can you stop ginoing on the couch you look like such a fag
by vince labombe March 8, 2011
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The Classification of Italians that normaly are Canadian from Toronto. They are considered as Ginos because of there musical preference, known as beats and their tight clothing by brand makers such as Diesel. They are The Male verions as the females are called Gina's.
hey what kind of music do you you a Gino
by Steve March 26, 2005
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adj (esp of a man or his manner):
1. suave and refined
2. carefree; light-hearted
3. courteous and cheerful; affable
4. lively and spirited; "a dashing hero"

elegant, charming, dashing, smooth, refined, courteous, affable, suave, urbane, well-bred a handsome, debonair, death-defying racing-driver

In modern usage, it refers to elegant and refined manners or dress, a carefree, self-confident manner, or a combination of both. Gino is a strong person that denotes many desirable traits: style, elegance, sophistication, courtesy, urbanity.
Marc Nelson is a television host and model mostly credited for being one of Philippine television's most visible and prominent personalities, possessing the traits of a true Gino.
Handsome, good looking, adventurous, smart, talented.
by Intense Giant November 2, 2011
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