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A youtube channel that has taught me more things than my school/prison ever has.
teacher: Have you heard of pythagoras theorem?

Me: yeah Game Theory taught me
by Babatunde's Curry Maker January 08, 2020
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1. noun. It is the sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic or idealistic occurs.

When kilig, one may experience the following:

*butterflies in one's stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one's spine
*irrepressible noises from one's mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and reality

Kilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating, on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind's ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.
KILIGS much?? ^_^
by mis2n.yoo June 07, 2011
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A youtube channel that over analyzes games, but people love them anyway
Game Theory is such a good but also annoying youtube channel.
by Nuttela_Bear April 25, 2018
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An academic field of study about winning and losing that maps out an equilibrium of all possible outcomes of a given game. It's actually quite often exaggerated and misunderstood because people don't understand the relationship of the "story" (the prisoner's dilemma, hawk/dove war game) to the game theory itself, which often involves simple numbers such as +5, 0 -10.

Despite the confusion, it's extremely useful when correctly applied. It has many applications in the study of evolution, crime prevention, commerce, and other practical uses.
Sue: I learned today that all people are evil, because in the Prisoner's Dilemma of game theory, it is in everyone's best interest to rat out their friends to the police.
Frank: Sue, the story attached to the Dilemma is a work of fiction which gives the exercise a point of discussion, but actually it does not reflect our justice system or the philosophical questions of humanity's goodness.
by LilyPotter07 November 09, 2013
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a lemon demon ship, popular on neiltwt, of cabinet man and touch-tone telephone, two of lemon demon’s songs.
person 1: man, i love game theory!
person 2: me too!
by ryzae_ December 14, 2020
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