A youtube channel that over analyzes games, but people love them anyway
Game Theory is such a good but also annoying youtube channel.
by Nuttela_Bear May 30, 2018
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An YouTube show that caused a cancerous fanbase to destroy another game's reputation because the Undertale fags need new porn material every week just to have enough courage to continue jacking off to their atrocious Rule 34 cancer.
(Guy 1) Didn't you hear Game Theory? Sans is Ness!

(Guy 2) No he isn't you horny Underfag cancer.
by TrumpisDad November 30, 2016
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An academic field of study about winning and losing that maps out an equilibrium of all possible outcomes of a given game. It's actually quite often exaggerated and misunderstood because people don't understand the relationship of the "story" (the prisoner's dilemma, hawk/dove war game) to the game theory itself, which often involves simple numbers such as +5, 0 -10.

Despite the confusion, it's extremely useful when correctly applied. It has many applications in the study of evolution, crime prevention, commerce, and other practical uses.
Sue: I learned today that all people are evil, because in the Prisoner's Dilemma of game theory, it is in everyone's best interest to rat out their friends to the police.
Frank: Sue, the story attached to the Dilemma is a work of fiction which gives the exercise a point of discussion, but actually it does not reflect our justice system or the philosophical questions of humanity's goodness.
by LilyPotter07 November 09, 2013
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A youtube channel who overthinks everything but we love him for doing so, a channel that may have ridiculous questions like ,does fortnite make you popular ? or how old is ash ketchem is ? but is very interesting to watch and hear about. Also known as Mat Pat.
Game theory: Does fortnite make you popular?

Me: well it come me popular in school
by Professor LS July 17, 2018
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