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GER is a greeting which stands for 'Good Earth Rotation'.
It is used in internet forums as a replacement to the usual greetings since people live in different timezones

Not to be confused with "Golden Experience Requiem" from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.
Tom: GER Jack!
Jack: GER Tom!
by flexible fog brother June 12, 2020
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the other half of me. fea ger is the love of my life to complete the definition
by robert January 22, 2005
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"Ger" is an old german word for spear. you find it surprisingly often in your german grandmother's german crossword puzzles.
Julius Caesar called his enemies in the north Germans because they carried spears.
From a german typically small crossword puzzle:

Altdeutsch fΓΌr Speer mit drei Buchstaben: GER
by Hottentot June 12, 2011
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