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synonymous with hereditary. While "genetical" is NOT an actual word according to Webster, many, many people from different regions, nationalities, and social levels use "genetical" in their life.

Those that do not use this word understand that it is simply "not a word", however, "genetical" is completely understandable and needs no defintion.

*My goal is to perpetuate the advancement of the "word" genetical. If you have used this word, please spread the word on UB.dom and maybe Webster will add this WORD into the dictionary.* WHO just DECIDED it shouldn't be a word anyways?!?!?!
I received my blue eyes and left hand from my mom because they're genetical.
by Hi 212ers!!! March 09, 2005
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The traits that twins share
My husband and his twin share giant genetalia due to the genetical similarities.
by Moodypoodyrudy December 21, 2019
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