(Gay-Domination-Porn) Where a group of men fight over a flag naked, to shove up their asshole.
David: "Me and my pals had a really good GDP session last night".
by HiImDamon August 21, 2015
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An acronym for "Get Dat Pussy" often used within a group of guys, especial when one or more of the guys has a chance of getting with a girl that is in their vicinity sometime soon.
Freind 1: Hey Tony GDP! brother.
Tony: Yeah man
Girl: What does that mean?
by DamnitDan September 06, 2010
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A GDPS is a Geometry Dash Private Server, with new levels and communities to explore.
Hey did u heard about the TicGDPS and CnekGDPS, them are actually fun! Not like the XGDPS or VGDPS.
Some people think the GDPSs are better than the real Geometry Dash lol.
by xcreatorcopy December 23, 2020
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An abbreviation for “Gypsy’s Dangling Penis”. This term is only used to describe an Indian’s penis that is so long that it touches the ground while he’s standing straight up. If the person in question isn’t an Indian, term “long ass dick” may be used.
Horny Indian man: wanna see my GDP?
girl: sure, why not?
Horny Indian man: here it is *shows GDP*
girl: *leaves call*
by That smart Moldovan May 27, 2020
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the grose domestic product, is that white liquid that comes out of you after beating your meat so hard.

It's a slang synonym of semen.
while his granny was still asleep, he managed to blow his GDP neatly into his palms, and then ate it wholly without making the slightest noise; as he rolled over and fell back to sleep, right next to her.
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by Y0UNG S4V4G3 June 16, 2019
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