The word for a group of Gay-Men in reference to a group greater than 20, but not an orgy.

Also in reference to a navy ship where 51% or more of the shipmates are gay.
Hey, do you know that gaymen clup that always watches movies at midnight?
by matthewdarwin March 14, 2005
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Plural of gay man. In early 21st Century USA usually refers to men who are same-sex in sexual orientation and (generally) out of the closet; that is, self-identified as "gay." Gay men may live in partnership, or may be single. "Gay men" as a term is generally preferred by the relevant group over the more clnical "homosexual" or slur words.

'Oscar, do you really think all gay men march in lockstep? Go ask a lot of them their opinions about the president. Or read THE ADVOCATE.'
by al-in-chgo May 29, 2010
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