Gabe is a gabe. The true definition of a Gabe is that they are gabe, and nothing else. Other forms of Gabe are unreal as it is just gabe.
Marcus: Is that Adrian? What is he doing
Pawel: Nah that’s Gabe doing Gabe things
by HolyChonger December 4, 2017
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Those dinosaur looking birds that roam your neighborhood.
Gabe get out of the road you’re going to get hurt.
by Lil K00K October 25, 2019
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Gabe is just Gabe he is just doing Gabe things leave him alone.
Is that Gabe

yeah hes doing Gabe things.
by JUst GAbe November 9, 2020
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Gabe is Gabe. He merely exists. Passively traveling wherever the universe takes him. Nothing but a hunk of molecules and proteins basking in the truths of life. Gabe knows why we're here, what life means, but he will not tell an unworthy rat such as you or I. He is Gabe.
you: "Hey! Hey Gabe!"
you: "I wish to be bestowed in your power of everlasting knowledge and wisdom!"
gabe: "You are unworthy"

*Gabe then proceeds to smite your ass and you disintegrate into pure nothingness.*
by demoncheese November 1, 2022
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Gabe is usually a boy with brown eyes and the cutest smile. He’s usually shy and a bit moody but when you get to know him he’s funny and loves to make others laugh. He tends to be a lil unsure of himself and seeks others validation.Gabe will always put others first before himself, which makes him a great friend or partner. He’s loyal,sexy and lights up a room. They are also wild and yet, bashful. If you complement a Gabe they usually can’t say thank you without blushing.
Gabe’s full name is usually Gabriel which comes from One of the most important angels if God who brought good news! He truly lives up to his name.

Gabe’s are born leaders, if they can see their full potential.
If you know a Gabe, keep him. You will have a devoted life long friend or companion.
That boy Gabe is so good to his mother. I bet he will make a great husband when he grows up.

Have you seen the new guy, Gabe? He is the sexiest boy I’ve ever seen!
by Ms.Thang1027 July 20, 2018
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A very good looking person who loves gaming and is very smart. You can rarely find games in North America. A Gabe has a strong sense of humour that can make someone's day. If you have found a Gabe, you must value of it and care for it the rest of your life. Gabes are quite awesome.
A Gabe walked into the room and half of the people noticed him.
by E_is_for_me May 10, 2012
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A beautiful, smart, amazing girl with a killer smile and big brown eyes. She is loud, sometimes obnoxious, funny as hell, is really nice, and is just all around amazing. She is the best girl a guy could ever have and any guy lucky enough to have her should keep her around for a very long time.
Dude, I had the most amazing time with Gabee yesterday, I love her so much. She's amazing.
by OverdoneMold May 23, 2011
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